We’re here to invest in your business and support your ambitions

Guided by Patrik Hamilton and Johan Andersson, Kaknäs Invest is supporting and investing in entrepreneurs building innovative companies. Our portfolio showcases a spectrum of stories, including trailblazers like DanAds, known for changing parts of the digital advertising industry, Understatement, redefining female underwear fashion, Bite Studios, pushing the boundaries of sustainable fashion, and Care to Translate, making communication seamless across languages.

We have faith in individuals and the power of their ideas


Are you an entrepreneur? We absolutely admire your drive and are eager to support you in realizing your ambitions. Our approach is to balance heart and intellect. While too much sentimentality might not yield the best returns, an overemphasis on logic can make things pretty dull and boring. It’s the delicate combination of both that allows us to work wonders.

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